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Gaia Online Refresher
website created by Fredgregjoe314, Please e-mail me if you have any questions or comments about this page.

This web site is an auto-refresher for Gaia Online. Its alot better than many other ones I've seen because, one it works, two it can work for multiple accounts at once, and three it works online, thats right, no downloading required. But if you'd like to download it to save me bandwidth go ahead.
In order to use this site to refresh Gaia Online over and over, simply go to Gaia online and and log in but tell it to remember you. Then go back to this website and sit back and enjoy. The web page will refresh the Gaia homepage every 10 seconds. As a note this can be done on a different account for each web browser you are using, I would suggest making a few alternate accounts for this purpose. I've noticed some web browsers don't always refresh or sometimes will stop refreshing. If this happens you can just click refresh (you may have to do it more than once) or you can just close the window and then reopen it.
If you want to use this website without this information at the top, click here!